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Surname: SIBBITT
. This Last Name SIBBITT was an English given name SEBODE, composed of the elements SIGE (victory) and BODA (messenger). A family of this name lived for centuries at Ancroft in North Durham. Local last names, by far the largest group, extrapolated from a place name where the man held land or from the place from which he had come, or where he actually lived. These local last names were primarily preceded by a preposition such as "de", "atte", "by" or "in". The names may derive from a manor held, from working in a religious dwelling or from literally living by a wood or marsh or by a stream. Since the dawn of civilisation the need to communicate has been a prime drive of all higher mankind. The more organized the social structure became, the more exigent the need to name places, objects and situations essential to the survival and existence of the social unit. From this common stem arose the requirements to identify families, tribes a... If you want to read more download the App on the App Store...

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